Day 4 Sunday city walk


Wandering the streets of Dublin city on late Sunday afternoons already became sort of our tradition. We usually go there just before all shops are closing and all shoppers are starting to disperse. That is the time of the day one can really enjoy and apreciate the charm of this City. When the crowds are gone you can easily wander the streets without that feeling of rush.
Today was no exception, only that we have got a chance to see christmas decorations for the last time until next christmas. If you ask me it is the best time to admire it without the stress or christmas to do list on your mind or rushing in and out of the shops getting presents for loved one's and after it is all over and you can finaly relax after all celebrations.
There it is... some pictures from today's stroll...Xoxo

Day 3 Mr. Rocco

The last, but not least our little family member Rocco, the Boston Terrier. Rocco is nearly 5 and loves warmth more than anything in the world. Could spend all his days wrapped up in cosy blankets. As we say he was our first baby and we love and treat him as one:)

Day 1

So The New Year has come..New year - new plans, new projects, new challenges, new resolutions, new dreams, new promises....

We have decided to start new year with a very exciting project "365", thanks to an amazing photographer Simona Reinyte for this incredible idea and invitation:)

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